"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
- Thomas Jefferson


Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


Grab one of these Saturday!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

last csa 07

hey csaers
tomorrow there are giant sweet potatoes in the box. just french fried some - not mealy. cook any way. dont wash if saving for thanksgiving. lots of stuff tomorrow - honey - not as much as we hoped but four or five oz. honeybees are struggling all over the world. no colony collapses reported on organic farms anywhere. is it cell phone radiation? maybe but either way dont use your cell very often and keep conversations as brief as possible.

five biggest disappointments of csa this year:
1. Eggs - raccoons killed em and discouraged the survivors from laying in the egg mobile. huge bummer. on the plus side 75 australorps (scott lewandowskis favorite bird) arrive this fall and should be laying by spring.
2. cukes - total devastation
3. John Nannos - when he signed up barb bought a big bottle of top shelf vodka bc he likes sea breezes or something. john had his friend pick up every week (delightful and cool kids). john wanted to party with you what happened?
4. eggplants - my bad here. cant even blame a bug or virus.
5. pork - first big pig which would have been csaed - was "bargain butchered" by some drunk that lives by the farm. spoiled in a freezer. on the plus big hogroast on the 27th see link.
hope everyone enjoyed the csa. eat kale this winter. see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

csa wednes

hey csaers
next weeks last csa is going to be a large box of root crop winter storables and other items. rain is preventing me from digging jerusalem artichokes and sweet potatoes tomorrow. we got drenched again. rains have been swell. tomorrow lots of same - massive beans - "put em up"! beans available again in regular or ridiculous. barb returns tomorrow night and let me take this opportunity to thank everyone that came to visit me at the farm while she was gone: matt, thanks guy, enjoyed visiting with you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

csa beany wednesday

if you like green beans you will have come to the right place tomorrow. if you cant eat them all they freeze well. parboil -cool - place in ziplock, close almost all the way submerse underwater - this vacuum seals it. close all the way - freeze. (or just give some to your neighbors.) nice greens for saute, lots of stuff - eggs. hardboiled eggs are good with sauteed greens. dont forget gnocchi with the butternut squashes. very simple and great. if you have any old bedsheets that you are considering throwing away i would love them. they are a great size to cover the rows of with and try to extend the season when it freezes. weird stuff coming in the next two weeks. see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

csa wednes

hey guys and girls
it poured out there tonight. one of the weirdest skies ive ever seen. thought it was gonna tornado. lots of beans tomorrow. and greens. chard and turnip greens. probably be a small turnip on the end of the greens. add it to the mix. turnip greens are considered choice by people in the know. I would steam em up with the chard - then sprinkle with lemon. dont oversteam. just wilt. had a butternut squash peeled and cubed then steamed. really good way to do it bambbo steamer. garnish with the seeds cooked on a greased cookie sheet for ten minutes. best molasses in town is bulk at open harvest. super cheap and great. barb has landed in nairobi and was off to some small town said the coffee is great. see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

csa wednesday

Hey everyone
we loaded up on new pix bc the photo editor is off to the bush. tomorrows csa is better than the last two weeks. if you are sick of okra and i think i might be, try a gumbo. (actually that sounds awful.) my neighbor feeds em to his lizard. beans are getting really good and should be good for a while now. fall crops are coming up pretty nicely. i am doing my best to keep the pigs out of the lower garden. luckily there are large piles of manure full of worms and when they do bust out they go there. I found the mystery spot they were getting out of tonight - jumping on the fence bending it through a rosebush. fence springs back and youd never know it. finally saw one do it. very clever. see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


hey guys.
the tomato rush is over but most of the vines look good and should have a good september. my plan this year is to drape a sheet over the best ones and try to extend them through indian summer - into mid october. nothing much new today. If you want extra basil to freeze up for winter let me know. Barbs last day at the hospital is today. shes ending a seven year stint and is now embarking on a career as a wine dealer. a great use of the butternut squash is gnocchi, a chewy noodle often made with potatoes. many recipes on internet. see you this afternoon.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


squash and bean update: i am predicting massive beans next week. did i say that last week? squash is being attacked from the ground by these little black bugs that move in to the roots. plants look incredible and but dont make much if any fruit, then collapse. probably the soil is too rich. melons tomorrow again. i found out the reason the watermelons had no flavor is because youre not supposed to water them a few days before you pick them. all the sugar goes back in to the leaves. tomorrows are better. eggs creeping back tomorrow - cant miss. see you then

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bug Spray

Hey Guys...Barb here. The bug spray consists of white yarrow extract, tea tree oil, citronella oil and alcohol. Shake well before using. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


squash and beans drop blossoms in high heat and there arent many tomorrow but they are taking back off and the temps look great for the next week. butternut squash and its seed are delish with soy sauce. seeds extremely nutritious - clean and bake on greased cookie sheet. squash keeps so dont worry about it. eat it anytime between now and xmas. many more coming. peppers less hot without seeds. heard the watermelon was flavorless. that sucks. hope somebody got a good one. ron paul won easily the alabama and illinois straw polls this week. lamestream media is having an increasingly difficult time lying about him or ignoring him. link at left. i am warming up for my friend louie ck at the rococco on sept 8th - saturday - doors open at 7 - tickets (ouch) - 32.00. see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

csa wednes

today I was reminded that it doesnt stop til the casket drops. Lloyds sick. Hell be alright. I think he is just sick of the weather. So is every plant across the board except maybe the beans and the tomatoes. Im gonna buy him a baby pool tomorrow and fill it with
ice water. Tomatoes dont last as long on the counter in this weather. They have been blowing up on our table all weekend - still quite a few. Okra is starting to go. Oh yeah okra loves this weather. Some people bread it and fry it. I just fry it. crispy. probably not much nutrition in it after frying it up like that but who gives a shit? I dont. Do I care that wilson is a father? of course not. want to slowroast that male in a few weeks though. If al gore was at the farm he would write a sequel to his inconvenient truth thing. Another academy award would be a given. the global warming thing is a total scam and i want to say that before they make it illegal not to believe in it. total joke after five minutes on the internet. Mars is warming too. no eggplants for at least a week. cukes another huge disappointment this year. i spend more time on cukes than anything else. we should have buckets full. i try to plant them in the shade. half day sun. not enough for cukes. i chainsawed a couple trees down but i think it was too late. second planting is starting to look not so good. thats just a heads up if you had your heart set on a big bowl of cuke and onions. gonna plant fall greens this weekend though. if you come after 6 tomorrow you just pick up a box. my aunt and i are having valentinos pizza.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

csa mexicana

Hola amigos! como esta?
Tomorrow is c.s.fiest.a. or something like that. lots of tomatoes and peppers which could mean a big salsa. make a bunch and just keep it in a jar in the fridge with a lid. birds favorite tomatoes are the yellow apricots for what its worth. Mine and the turtles are brandywine. You can freeze tomatoes whole if you are feeling too lazy to freeze or jar a sauce. a neighbor just called and told me the goats jumped the fence and "did a number on his garden." Hopefully they didnt eat his carnations I cant replace those. Eggplants are struggled this week and sources close to the story say they missed a watering last week. Dont get sick of greenbeans yet because there is plenty more to come. If tired of them try baking them on a greased cookie sheet until they are like a potato chip (15 minutes at 350 or around there) i say boil them and eat them in a sald the next day. Or put in your sauce or salsa. Hasta manana!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

csa wednes

hey guys
tons of tomatoes - maybe make a sauce. I dont peel them but you can core and slice Xs in each end and quickly boil off the skins. The yellow tomatoes are apricot tomatoes. They look like apricots and are even fuzzy. seem to be best after they turn a shiny deep yellow. add basil very late in your sauce. like even after youve turned it off. lots of stuff tomorrow see you then.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

summer csa 1

tomatoes are picked as soon as they start to turn any color. finish on counter and slice when red or reddish. keep an eye on them. if they are getting too ripe and you cant eat - refrigerate. some of the tomatoes are ugly. these are the best tasting. Ill try to give you guys a variety that will ripen over the next few days. dont know whats going on with the eggs. have theories. they will come back around very soon. eggeater? everything else looks good. pigs are great swimmers. see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

last spring csa

Hello everyone
last spring csa - summer starts next week. hope everyone stays with it - its going to be off the dork. (otd) Tomatoes are starting to slowly ripen but i dont think there will be too many tomorrow. Sauerkeraut tomorrow - european variety. Nothing else new I dont think. We couldnt download the pictures that I took that were going to be entitled "collapsing squash". we'll get some up here. This is when a squash looks incredible and ten minutes later it has turned yellow and looks "squashed". It happens to me all the time. this weekend it happened to two plants minutes after I gave them my fish meal/epsom salts/internet minerals/pond water deluxe breakfast. this is called killing with kindness. but i also had another picture of some of the young squash plants coming along nicely. I will not be denied on the zukes this year. Ill plant five more every time one collapses. thats how much i love zucchini. everyone should plant a few plants of zucchini in their yard and if it took off you could eat one every night. Ive never had one take off like that. its always three and out. i think my squash bug population is big. using pyrethrum and some plants look poised this year though. eat the miso with a spoon if nothing else. do not boil. miso is alive. just a teaspoon a day. (and a teaspoon of blackstrap mollasses and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar unpasterized those three will cure what ails you in ten days or less.molassses raises bodies' PH - most peoples blood is very acidic - buy brer rabbit) bring container back if you want more miso. see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

csa wednes

the wound on wilsons back looks way worse than it is in this photograph but his situation is this dire. He is septic whatever that means. we are administering a cocktail of antib.o.s and everyone is pulling for him. i have to give him corn to give him the shots and tonight he sideswiped me hard in the femur and it hurt so I know he is feeling better. tomorrow greens roots beans.... some of the beans are purple but turn green when boiled - fun for the whole family. Wilsons comeback is comparable to the one currently being put togehter by the broccolli raab. I am definitely pulling it off failed crop alert and may harvest some tomorrow. see you then

One more week of spring csa. summer starts July 25th. Price $175. 12 more weeks. everything....melons....too much to list here. pork. eggs are starting to pop again.

Monday, July 2, 2007

csa TUES

Feeling anxious? Stressed? Barbs chamomile tea could be the answer if you are having problems falling asleep. Large teabag with just chamomile flowers - powerful stuff - make a whole pot then chill and drink cold the next day. I am having a cup right now and typing this is like driving when you are falling asleep. greens eggplants and some squash. zuchinis are my favorite food easily - browned or grilled browned. carrots tomorrow i think. at least thinnings. Ron Paul for prez.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

csa wednes

hey guys
Its been a very rough stretch for the chickens. last week a weasel got in the trailer and killed five or six. I thought i had sewed it up and a few nights later a congregation of raccoons broke in through the roof and it was not pretty. in short eggs resume in a few weeks. Lots of hens about ready to lay their first egg. Raccoons are the third smartest animal after humans and dolphins - They are second behind dolphins if you just use me from the human category. Sorry about that. On the veggie side things are looking very good. beets, cabbage, last of the lettuce, greens, peas and basil. The basil stressed and began to flower so I want to pick it and encourage it to bush. There will be flowers on the basil - some people eat those. Your call. I planted a bunch of broccolli raab because alleged client John Nannos wanted some. Its not making any heads just leaves. Nannos whats up with this shit? see you guys tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

csa beet premiere

lots of greens, peas, some eggs and beets. I love beets - some people think they taste like dirt. I like that about them. I roast them in some olive oil or butter and eat with salt. Lots of people boil them. They peel easy after boiling. Skin is paper thin. leave root and stems on if you boil or they bleed. serve sliced with gorgonzola for talk of the picnic. great cold next day.
google fivestar soap for SUPER cheap soaps that smell great. read about it. stuffs amazing. oraganic and super cheap. see you tomorrow.

PS. next week pickup is on tuesday. the fourth is wednesday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

csa wednesday

Lots of greens...... peas (sugarsnap - eat all - dont shell). The peas are great. I eat em all day. No eggs tomorrow unless you really want some. Chickens are making the transition to the egg mobile (see video at bottom) and this always creates eggeaters and other mishaps - they are getting back on to it now and I have isolated at least one of the eggeaters - by isolate I mean wring its neck and feed it to the pigs, and also there are over a hundred young birds that are about ready to lay and there will be lots of eggs soon. see you guys tomorrow.

Kohlrabi Question

Can you eat the leaves? Well thanks to clients Ann & Mike we know the answer is yes.
They sauteed the leaves with olive oil, garlic and shallots then sprinkled parmesan cheese. Delish! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

csa wednesday

gotta tell you guys about this recipe. its great with the chinese cabbage, chard, kale.....any green that you wilt. over rice or spaghetti. warm water - not boiling - grab a third of a cup while the water for the pasta heats up. melt in there some honey or sugar, miso, and peanut butter. TB each - maybe more peanut butter. sautee some garlic in olive oil and whatever else - then chop all the greens and let them steam while the pasta or rice finishes. when they wilt turn heat off and after it cools a little stir in the mixture. i add some pork, chili sauce, anything. very thai - very tasty. lots of greens tomorrow. and lots of lettuce. if i have time i will make a casesar salad sampler but the romaines are recommended for caesar. anchovies? homemade croutons are incredible - cube bread any size in butter and finish low in the oven til kinda crunchy. its off the dork - thats my new hip phrase. Ron Paul for Prez! see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

csa wednesday

hey whats up?
tons of stuff tomorrow. the spinach this year sucked we lost two beds of it in the soak. also lost kale but i replanted kale because it can take the heat. Kale makes its premiere in the salad mix - get very excited. kale can change your diet ask ted alesio about it. one of the great foods. we should have been eating tons of spinach so far but now the garden is back off to the races. see you all friday for the hootenanny. sw 70th and saltillo road. potluck kegger bluegrass baby pig roast. kids welcome. kids do not go through gate in to the field with the animals without an adult present and maybe not even then depending on wilsons (the ram) mood.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

csa week 4

hey guys
thats jack with the donkey. we have just received word that Jack will be at the hootenanny a week from friday. Lots of greens tomorrow. my advise is to make a cup of salad dressing - drench it and save the dressing til tomorrow night and do it again. Peas are starting to flower and historically that means hail. no pink on the radar tonight please. (or tomorrow) see you then

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CSA Week 3

Hey guys - low on eggs tomorrow - the big pig broke out of its fence and walked in to the chicken house this week and ate them all - twice. I will make that up to you guys in spades with sausage and polish dogs in a few weeks. big salad tomorrow. One of the types of mustard is pretty spicy but - not as spicy as the mustard from the first delivery but that was wild mustard, a weed. This stuff is in the salad mix and is great though pretty hot. The arugula and the radishes both seemed too hot - the pigs didnt even eat them- but more coming. We lost some spinach in the big rains but the romaines are looking great. Heres a basic salad dressing: rice vinegar - garlic - a little ice water - sugar (tablespoon for big salad) and salt and pepper. I also add a Tb of miso (red river, unpasteurized from Open Harvest) More on miso later and it is currently fermenting and you will get a jar later) Miso is very good for you - it pulls heavy metals out of the body. Has to be unpasteurized and when you make soup the water cant be boiling or it kills all the microstuff. Great to cook with in almost anything, a spoonful added late. see you tomorrow.
PS Farm hootenanny - I think it is posted here is Friday June 1st - at five thirty - this is a potluck and I am grilling some baby pigs. (and veggies) The Junkyard Dogs will be playing bluegrass music. There is even talk now of an opening band.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Week 2 CSA

Hey everyone
nice salad mix tomorrow. lots of radishes. I ate about twenty today theyre pretty good. asparagus. might find some mushrooms I found two today. hoping for an explosion tomorrow. the rains were pretty dramatic. seven inches at the farm - the lower beds are pretty saturated - but the pond filled up for the first time in years. see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

CSA Kickoff Classic

go time. some asparagus, lots of eggs and some lettuce. gardens are looking pretty good. Im waiting for these mushrooms called the prince (choice) to appear - saw a few today and maybe there will be a big flush tonight. Pickup starts at five tomorrow. The pick ups can be more flexible this year (now at our house) where you can pick up later if you need to. See everyone tomorrow.

Interesting Reading

NY Times Article...You Are What You Eat

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A very special CSA Message

Hello Everyone:
I realize that not everyone reading this is interested in the csa this year, but I am sending this out to everyone to announce that if you want in let me know by Tuesday of next week- Wednesday May 2nd is the first pickup. I am pretty sure this is going to be the best year yet for csa but it is a certainty that the weekly update will be as you can now go to this site to see what crops will be delivered each week and I can now post pictures of failed crops rather than just describe them to you. I will send the link out every tuesday as a reminder. see you next week. Ross