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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

csa wednes

hey guys
Its been a very rough stretch for the chickens. last week a weasel got in the trailer and killed five or six. I thought i had sewed it up and a few nights later a congregation of raccoons broke in through the roof and it was not pretty. in short eggs resume in a few weeks. Lots of hens about ready to lay their first egg. Raccoons are the third smartest animal after humans and dolphins - They are second behind dolphins if you just use me from the human category. Sorry about that. On the veggie side things are looking very good. beets, cabbage, last of the lettuce, greens, peas and basil. The basil stressed and began to flower so I want to pick it and encourage it to bush. There will be flowers on the basil - some people eat those. Your call. I planted a bunch of broccolli raab because alleged client John Nannos wanted some. Its not making any heads just leaves. Nannos whats up with this shit? see you guys tomorrow.

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