"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
- Thomas Jefferson


Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


Grab one of these Saturday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

csa comedy night saturday

hey guys. i wanted to tell everyone about my comedy show on saturday night. 5 bucks - show at 7 saturday night at bourbon theatre. tim timburrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! burke and downtown jason downs also performing.

farm update - 9 foxes trapped including the wicked witch from the west - the very large old male that was for sure the main culprit. things are back to normal for the goats - there are 20 babies so far and please come out to visit them if you would like. they are hilarious. if you dont want to drive all the way to the farm you can just come over to our house as we are bottlefeeding margot and JJ who lost their mother after she delivered them. they are a week old and we have 7 more to go with bottlefeeding. thats bad.

hope alls well with everyone see you soon.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

last csa 2011

pickup is regular time but mexican fiesta starts at six. im going to make enchiladas and rellenos. heard frank is bringing her famous mexican de coleslaw. i will be toasting our brothers and sisters occupying wall st all night and i dont give two shits what they are protesting - lets party!


1. cucurbits (squash, cukes and melons) gonna be a long winter thinking about the squash. for sure need some lime. the local guy with lime told me there was a minimum order of thirty tons. (?)

2. soy sauce consistency of vomit and speaking of that i have a bunch of it in my fridge if anyone wants it.

3. cornhuskers heres one you might like: vegas has the corn favored to beat THE ohio state this weekend by.............wait for this..................11 points!!!!! if you have or know a bookie please tell him or her to come to the party tomorrow night.

4. federal reserve bank these old boys are turning l00 next year and to celebrate theyve decided its time to call in the worlds notes. lets start out with greece, greece you owe fifty trill with a T...... whos next? lets go portugal. portugal youre not gonna like this very much but youre on the hook for around half of that. its time to tell your people that very bad times lie just ahead. US - we are playing you guys slowly youll be one of the last becasue we are still using the dollar to kick this can down the road a few more months.

5. chicken that dog dont hunt doesnt even begin to describe her anymore. is currently losing her hair becasue all she eats is catfood.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


honey tomorrow. we will not be here tomorrow so barb said all the boxes are in garage or driveway and just grab one. lots of basil. make pesto and freeze it. basil is a big time medicinal in africa. we have a swarm of bees on our front porch. dont go in there. the door will be closed but go take a look. bees dont sting while swarming. one of the neighborhood hives swarmed and came over to eat the honey we had on the porch and decided to stay. thousands on our front porch. currently trying to finesse them into some boxes. second to last csa. last next thursday is mexican potluck. i am going to make chile rellenos and chicken enchiladas. its going to be a cinco de mayo atmosphere in support of the protestors at wall st and now chicago. hope it keeps spreading i am "fed up".

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


the answer is yes there is more french purslane coming tomorrow. sautee for a few minutes - kinda like seafood. more miso. this batch is pretty good. if you want to see honey harvested its saturday afternoon. prepare for possible bee stings these bees are some of the meanest around thats why we are taking all their honey and letting them brave the nebraska winter in the top of a tree. you drive them out of the hives with something called bee - gone. then jank the shootinmatch. just drive off with it. they are that mean. two hives like that. its gonna be wild. come on out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

csa thirz

currently cutting deals pork for acorns. inquire if interested. french purslane and new stuff tomorrow. purslane is delicious. saute.
im still thinking about the squash. cant really get over it. have it dialed up for next year but that doesnt help right now. the problem is i planted the squash in soil that is too good. too organic. and when it rains and gets wet it ferments and creates alcohol and the plants absorb alcohol and the bugs eat the plants and get drunk - and im drunk, and here we are with no squash.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


i talked to kevin and charuth this am at shadowbrook and always great to see those two and have a bitch session about farming. this am we spent mostly on squash bugs squash virus and tomato ills. very bizarre and disturbing results on the squash this year. summer and winter varieties both wiped out. butternut squash, the "indestructible" vine perished along with every other kind. im willing to look at every possibility except that i may not know what im doing. earth changes? yes, defintitely! lou's idea to pickle surplus greenbeans is a winner. many easy and delicious recipes for those on interweb. cayenne hot sauce - throw on everything. only hot for a few seconds.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

csa back from bush

ive been home for twenty minutes and i am pretty sure chicken just figured out who i was. gabon had a little bit of everything - ocean, forest, and black magic. met a few witches. not sure i get along with witches. heard the greenbeans are out of control. heard tomatoes went down but are coming back well. hope everyones good. see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Even the invisible hand of the market doesn't want to pick beans

Good quip by Colbert. (See video below) An oldie but a goodie and I have been thinking of that quote this week. Thanks to all who came out with their visible hands to help me. I really appreciate it. Needless to say, lots of green beans tomorrow. Tomatoes took a dive but they will be back in a few weeks. Okra is starting to appear and I have posted a recipe you can use for it or green beans. Squash in front yard is starting to flower....at least until Weed Authority chops it down. Hoping to have that in the coming weeks. Fall beds are getting planted with radishes, onions, lettuce, parsnips and spinach. Ross is due back in a week. He is on an island near Gabon for the week. Yeah, my sentiments exactly. See you soon.

Stephen Colbert Opening Statement

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Edamame is just beginning to ripen so you will get a little bit of that and some homemade soy sauce. Either stir-fry or boil. Eggs are back to normal and beans are at Def-con 3. Finally, beans tomorrow and what appears to be every other week of my god-given life. Bean picking party? I will buy the booze. Gabon seems to be enjoying Ross for the time being.
See you tomorrow! Barb

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


hey csaers
i am off to africa tomorrow to make a film on the meaning of life. its a documentary so maybe i will discover it. if so i will be passing that on in three weeks. for sure i will pick up some tips on life in a banana republic which it appears will be useful in these united states in the coming months and years. the farm is in the able hands of augo and barb and downs. a lot of you guys have offered to help as well and by all means if you feel like weeding or watering for an hour or two come on out. some good stuff coming for late summer. hope everyone is either sharing or pigging out on the tomatoes. great time to make big sauce or salsa. barb will pick some hot peppers tomorrow. hang on to your hats - not your stocks.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

csa 8/4/11

Tomorrow will be very similar to last week with the addition of chard and basil. I am hoping this reprieve from the heat and
hopefully some rain will rally the green beans. In such high temps, the flowers just fall off. Ross leaves for Africa next week-perfectly timed to miss all the bean picking I am convinced. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

csa thrs

gotel cuts the farm in half - goats can stay on that half and i can trap the other half. the foxes are already on to this scheme and i havent even started. can lock the baby goats in the goatel, fully equipped with rifle turrets and upstairs lodge. foxes are trembling without a shadow. csa cant miss tomorrow despite predators: tomato horn worms - have horns like satan five times bigger than any caterpillar youve ever seen. last year i pulled off three all year.. this year the count is 38. augo has a keen eye for these sommbitches. time to move the tomatoes. squash vine borer - red moth that flies like a UFO lays eggs on the stems of squash and the caterpillars eat the core out of the stem - some plants are okay. winter squash looks good becasue i used some chemical on the stems. that probably drove them to the summer squash or its just a bad year. plantedthe front yard in town in squash. the front yards goldenrod was chopped down by the lawn control people with practically no warning. and then..........wait for this....................................................they want me to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!! it falls in to the overstuffed category of you cant make this shit up.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Finally a slight break in the heat. The vegetables fared o.k. but perhaps went a little dormant during the hot week (as
we all probably did). Therefore a kind of mixed bag today. Beets, cucumbers, basil and some other treats. More kimchi today.
Ross told me to order you to eat it if you aren't. Really healthy stuff, kids. Augo has been busy taking photos and if
Ross ever lets him go home he will send them to me so I can update the blog. Next week you can look forward to
a ton of green beans and tomatoes. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


some different stuff tomorrow. kimchee. this is good medicine. lots of garlic. key to garlic is to chop and smash it up and leave it on the counter for an hour or more - to oxidize adn create "allicin" - the antibiotic in garlic. it is illegal to suggest that kimchee would be good to eat if you feel run down or coming down with something so i will just say that a korean farmer cured a whole flock of chickens of avian flu with kimchee. it may be illegal to share that story too. second generation chickens are just starting to lay eggs. happy to report some progress on the fox situation - someone hit one with a car just up the road.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


cabbage tomorrow. if a worm crawls out of it call barb and tell her she missed one. if there is a worm it will probably be a redworm that crawled up in there - they dont even eat the cabbage. maybe eat it? the old man was snoring at the farm last night. three inches. its swampy but most everything looks pretty good. summer crops start next week. dont worry though kale and/or chard still in the mix. eat your greens. ive heard people say "i dont like greens" - keep eating them until you do. it wont be long. eggs every other week but will soon be back to normal.

4409 -- Political control Freaks take over Farmers Market

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


FOXishima update: the chickens are in lockdown - i am in full meltdown. animals are evacuating the farm. i have been trying to trap them and i aint no jeremiah johnson. killed a couple hapless raccoons. lots of greens tomorrow. share with neighbors? tons of kale. turn someone on to it if you cant eat it all. keep on chelating - important for kids especially. make kids eat the greens. spank them with the chard - if they wont eat it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CSA 6.23.11

Hi Guys-
Chinese cabbage, beets, cilantro, kale and broccoli tomorrow. Kale and cilantro
are great for chelation...which you will hear a lot about in our newsletter tomorrow. I am sorry to say that we won't have eggs. Next week, we should be back on track with them. Ross is busy setting snare traps tonight but sends his love.
Thanks to Augo for the great blog photos.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


had to thin some of the beets. beets are related to chard. leaves of young beets indistinguishable from chard. you can see for yourself - chard also. i like them sauteed in olive oil, garlic......then lemon. good over pasta. everyone is probably wandering where the peas are. planted them three times. the third time they came up sparsely. not sure if it was the seeds or the dirt. anyway ill try to get peas in for the fall. chelation csa a week away. heard theres some kind of nuke accident in nebraska somewhere. just got in from the sticks for three days and need to catch up on the disasters.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hey kids-
Lots of lettuce and broccoli today. We had to cut some of the broc before it flowered
and it didn't store optimally. It will be delicious cooked but did not hold the crunch
of raw so I will also cut you some fresh from the yard when you get here. Lettuce is red and butter crunch. With the storms this morning it is a bit dirtier than normal...so
take extra care in washing it. Loose leaf cannot be vigorously washed or it will disintegrate. Kale and mustard greens also. Fox hunt is ongoing. I saw one today running with the goat herd. They probably think its our dog Chicken...I did at first.
See you soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

csa thurs

when the foxes hit the trailer last week i moved it along the road where lloyd and the llamas hang out and they have been doing great until yesterday. now importing eggs and implementing zero tolerance for fox kills until next round of layers start laying (a month). hitting the foxes with a full court press mixture of legal and illegal extermination methods. one down one wounded. found their headquarters - there was chicken bones and baby goat hooves strewn all around. augo said he found some beer cans.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


major shoutout to scotty mcgreery tonight. what a stud. tomorrow - kale makes its first appearance at csa. downs is making toscano soup for the occasion. year of the beet is back on as these rains have germinated all of my overplantings. kale is second to only sweet potatoes as most nutritious food we can eat. ted eats it raw. i usually steam it. just eat it. greens are part of chelation. cilantro is also a major player. cilantro coming in a few weeks. if you dont like cilantro you have two to three weeks to get that together. anyone seen liz wilson?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


foxes made a hit on the chicken trailer this week. it sucks when you are alone with a worthless dog. foxes have it all figured out. i need a kid to sit with the chickens or a terrier like dog to go down the hole. takers? eggs will be half dozen for a week or two. gonna buy some adults from the chicken lady. featured tonight are the altman kids - dana and these three classics did a half weekend at the farm. brock keeps his eye on the ball. big rains coming! see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

csa Thurs

its the year of the cabbage. i forgot to tell you guys that. it was going to be the year of the beet but the first rounds of beets didnt germinate worth a shit. nice rain today. lettuce and radishes and two types of spinach - salad and popeye. popeye is third cut thinner and jagged tooth - steam it for twenty seconds in boiling water - according to brad wilson you should also adda teaspoon of vinegar. you should add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar direct everyday. or a bottle of old wine. if the fukoshima thing keeps blowing up next week we will talk about "chelation". a word to learn.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

csa cinco de mayo

hola amigos. como estamos?
manana es cinco de mayo fiesta a la nos casa por csa.
frijoles, salsa, queso y maize tortillas cervezas. hasta lluego!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


first taste of this years greens tomorrow. thought the spinach....would blow up but hasnt quite yet - needs some sunshine. baby llama born at the farm this am. looks like lloyd. after its weaned this will be free to a good home - home doesnt even have to be that good. tonight for the multiple night in a row we ate sauteed dandelion greens. theyre great. leave the flower buds in if they havent opened yet. good raw too before it gets hot. barb timed the incubation of turkey eggs so they would hatch tomorrow. well see if "eggs are crackin". be sure to congratulate barb on her appointment to secretary of transplantation.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

csa l!

roasting a twenty five pound turkey tomorrow in honor of csa one 2011. thought about picking wild greens for everyone and then i thought that really defeats the purpose. dandelion leaves, dock leaves and wild mustard is hitting right now bigtime. its everywhere if you know how to identify it. next week domestic greens. tomorrow eggs and miso and a turkey sandwich. barb has miso newsletter.