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Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

csa wednes

the wound on wilsons back looks way worse than it is in this photograph but his situation is this dire. He is septic whatever that means. we are administering a cocktail of antib.o.s and everyone is pulling for him. i have to give him corn to give him the shots and tonight he sideswiped me hard in the femur and it hurt so I know he is feeling better. tomorrow greens roots beans.... some of the beans are purple but turn green when boiled - fun for the whole family. Wilsons comeback is comparable to the one currently being put togehter by the broccolli raab. I am definitely pulling it off failed crop alert and may harvest some tomorrow. see you then

One more week of spring csa. summer starts July 25th. Price $175. 12 more weeks. everything....melons....too much to list here. pork. eggs are starting to pop again.

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SEDER said...

$175?!?! In upstate NY we pay 265 and get no meat. If I ever quit my wife and kid I'm moving to Lincoln.