"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
- Thomas Jefferson


Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


Grab one of these Saturday!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

hey everyone
I am pretty sure we are being whisked in to something called the North American Union. our new money is going to be called the amero. Lets party!
tomorrow - lots of stuff. cook it, eat it. let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. In keeping with our brothers and sisters from mexico and canada csa comes with a chorizo if youre hungry tomorrow and a margarita if you bring kids. i heard open harvest is moving to indian village so you all still have to come to so-so (south of south st) for good vegetables all winter. croquet party is saturday. november 1st - african goat roast. kids welcome but must be 12 to enter croquet tourney. first bracket goes off at 2:00.

Thanks a lot for joining csa...this has been a great year and it has been a pleasure....See you tomorrow, at the tourney and next year!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

csa thurz

hey fellow aliens - tomorrow is a cant miss. tomatoes not as juicy as they were in july (bc they're picked green or because as suite lou says the temperature has dipped below 50?) good greens tomorrow despite goats eating off kale and spinach while i was in the bush. glad there is a picture of the green bean tunnel in its glory before the goats bustout. great africa trip. gardens everywhere. tomorrow afternoon at the ross theatre myself and the three candidates for senator debate a film about ethanol at two oclock. There is a question and answer - possibly a cant miss if you can get there. free to the public. i have been asked to give comic relief to the subject of ethanol. is that possible? yuck. cant wait to hear johanns.....defend it. boxes on porch for early csaers tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CSA 9/25/08

With 3 more weeks left, the tomatoes have made quite the triumphant return...and please don't worry, you will have plenty of green beans tomorrow as well. I am taking a break from the greens so Ross will be able to tell you to saute them with garlic and onions next week. Ross also makes a triumphant return tomorrow so make sure to stop by.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CSA-Solo-Extended Dance Mix

Hey Kids-
I know this is going to surprise you, but a lot of green beans tomorrow.
As the temps cool, not quite as many tomatoes as in weeks past. The temperatures added to the fact that the grasshoppers are now eating the green tomatoes may forebode the end of their appearances at csa. The goats escaped but did not go far...just into the garden where they ate most of the greens. I will suss it out tomorrow, but if we have greens they will be turnip greens, collards and chard. Kale is a goat's favorite snack apparently. Bell Peppers seem to be doing nicely as well as the basil and lemon basil.
I need to wait for the Anaheim peppers to turn red but they are doing great so get your chile relleno recipes together for next week. Ross is having a great time in Kenya. They have built a greenhouse on the farm and his next project is a new fish pond.
Carpula: Redux?
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hey Kids-
Ross is en route to Kenya to teach at a bio-intensive farm. Luckily, for the country, he will not be instructing on fencing or animal containment. The cows seem to favor anywhere but the 65+ acres they have. Tomorrow you will be getting some white peaches and apples along with the normal stuff. Still tons of green beans. The greens this week will be a mixture of turnip greens and mustard and we will have both the french breakfast (red and white) radishes along with more daikons. I am sorry that the blog has not been updated. We have had some computer issues... but I will do it next week.
See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

csa thurz

tonights blog was going to be how to keep your family safe during a greenbean hurricane. While its not quite stage five yet the key advise is to keep it light - if that means singing the more you eat the more you toot song then by all means. they freeze great. parboil, place in bag, submerge in water to force air out. seal bag just above the water. big beans the best. no french thin ones around here. posted a picture of the chicken trailer from last year just to pay homage to one of the greatest technologies of all time. i wish so much that i had it up and running right now because they would wipe the grasshoppers completely out. grasshoppers sampling almost every other tomato. see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

csa wednesduh

we are barbless tomorrow - she is flying to tennessee to drive a truck home with her brother tim who is moving back to star city after two years in nashville. my idea for tomorrows is to make a stew out of the whole box. maybe add an onion or two. i think you would end up with a greek dish if you had oregano. if you see a few small holes in the greens tomorrow let it be a reminder that we share this mortal coil with grasshoppers. eat your greens. (unradiated) g hoppers also starting to eat the black tomatoes. a lot of the tomatoes riper than usual tomorrow. i would say do them up asap. severe greenbean storm warnings for next week - some tomorrow but this is about to blow up. green beans are great in spaghetti sauce. if anyone wants to go to the ron paul speech in minneapolis tuesday night please let me know. signed, your friend of liberty.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


honey tomorrow. barb is spinning it out right now. very tasty. bees doing well which means that they must not be too exposed to too many genetically modified crops which is the most current explanation for the colony collapses. I think the prince of england even said as much. maybe he has a soft spot for bees. GM crops are almost so destructive its almost indescribable. Google it if you have the stomach for it. You might as well im sure youre eating them. tomorrow lots more tomatoes and other items. Picture included of a raised bed put up by andy agena. A beauty. This is the way to go. You can grow almost all your food in an incredibly small plot. the farms of the future will be very large gardens - robert rodale.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

csa thursday

hey guys.
has fall come early this year? love these temps. lots more tomatoes today. went to a barbeque the other night and talked about the different ways to put up tomatoes. i think the best is just cook them down and then freeze in bags. add spices....later or before freezing for winter salsa or spaghetti sauce. its great to jar them up too and that way you dont lose them when your freezer goes on the fritz as ours did last year. remember to add basil to sauce at the last minute even after turning the heat off. (same with parsley). bean tunnel is finally flowering! beans should be pouring in from here on out. barb in case you hadnt heard this is one of the best bean pickers ive ever seen. see you tonight.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

csa thurs

the only thing that i know for sure is there is going to be a lot of tomatoes. maybe make a sauce. eat or freeze. fancy chefs peel and core for dark red sauce. i just cook all. fresh sauerkraut.crunchy. make some polish dogs for it. incredible. some eggplants. lots of small eggplants and i think i saw the bean tunnel flowering today so lots of different stuff coming but tomorrow mostly tomatoes but lots of them. give them to neighbors. included at top is video on gardening on the white house lawn. i know ron paul would grow one and probably write a cookbook too. does give a cursory idea of how to transform your lawn in to a garden. if you decide to do that i am the dumptruck guy dropping the compost on your driveway.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

csa thur

hey everybody
we lost loose the goose this week. must have eaten something - llamas develop ulcers that can be fatal. looked all over the body and found no signs of anything except her testicles. he will be missed. cant believe lucy was a male. from the looks of louise's coping corner it is a profound loss. i share louise's champain. tomorrow lots of tomatoes. let them ripen on the counter not in the sun and eat them when they are near perfectly red. they blow up if you dont eat them then. cukes lemon basil/basil and squash. not sure why and when the bean tunnel decides to flower but when it does it will be raining string beans. eggplants coming on finally. was worried about them. good germination on the round two of beets still no sign of the carrot replant but plenty of beets coming later. lost most of them and carrots this spring. going to add sand to some of the lower beds. also think squash hills need sand.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

csa thurz

hey csaers
we have called off the collards tomorrow which makes tomorrow a cant miss. cabbage butterfly is beyond out of control. massive insects at the farm right now. grasshoppers - only eating basil right now. huge weird green bugs that look like robots flying around everywhere and they are territorial so they buzz by your ear all the time. bees and bumblebees now everywhere. honey in a few weeks. tomorrow cabbage, lots of stuff. probably carrots. the carrots are so old because they jsut sat their all spring. same with beets. mixed bag tomorrow. tomatoes starting to take off. looking good. bean tunnel taking its time blossoming. eggplants finally looking good. have to get here early to get one of those though. im predicting the collards will be back in the fall.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

csa thursday

barb said to me tonight "hey maybe we should take a break on the collards tomorrow"and i said no way. collards are hitting their stride right now. tomatoes tomorrow and a few beans and other stuff. lots of beans and tomatoes in the near future. i am starting to believe that there will be a lot of cucumbers but as you guys know there probalby wont be. had the best ones ever the year before i started doing csa since then theyve all basically wilted. cuke and onions is the summers best offer. theyre still looking good. and squash. you will either get a zucchini or a lebanese white squash tomorrow. lebanese white are also great grilled or sauteed with olive oil and salt and pepper - also great stuffed with meat after scooping out seeds - then baked. tomorrow basil is holey due to grasshoppers - cant believe they eat it. these are the first tomatoes. they will get much better/ see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


hey csaers
whats the haps? new stuff tomorrow - collards look better - i think i let them get dry waiting for last wednesdays rain that didnt come thus violating one of the tenets of gardening - water plants when they are thirsty. lots of different greens tomorrow. basil.....should have tomatoes next week. basil without tomatoes = pesto.
lots of baby goats born at the farm this week. goat favorite bina popped trips and is working overtime keeping them all fed. Lucy the llama babysits baby goats during the day under this tree. need a picture of that its hilarious. cucumbers looking good and well poised for wilt virus. they are in a new spot this year though.
had a question about broccolli going bad in the fridge and the smell ruining you for csa for the rest of the season. no stranger to rotting brassicas i would advise to eat sooner and not to place veggies in sealed plastic bags. want to plug a cant miss rock and roll show at ll 00 pm saturday night - the self righteous brothers are back breaking the ladies hearts for a one night stand at the zoo bar street dance.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

csa tday

tomorrow - cole slaw. happy ron paul day everyone. just heard that the whole world could fit in to the state of texas with ten feet between everyone. not sure what to think about that but interesting, possibly embarrassing. i think one of the weirdest things going on is the tax on carbon dioxide - a life giving gas. carbon dioxide levels are rising in great amounts and everyone is going to be taxed on it. Kind of hilarious to watch al gore say this stuff with a straight face. unstoppable mosquito repellant - listerine mouthwash watered down and sprayed on your clothes.happy holidays

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

csa thursday

hey guys
tomorrow more peas, kohlrabi, brocolli and greens, eggs. collards are of course the green made famous in the south. It can grow all summer. ive found the leaves get tougher and a little paler as the summer goes on but still very tasty. kale and chard do well in the heat as well. anyway eat your greens.
one of the things i am doing to treat the cabbage moth (and worm) is to spray the plants with diluted molasses. its a win win because the moths dont like it and molasses has lots of good stuff in it for the plants - they seem to love it. gonna spray it on everything. molasses is also very good for you - it lowers the ph of your blood. almost everyone is acidic. molasses - blackstrap unsulphured from open harvest bulk section is extremely cheap and great for you - one tablespoon a day. heartburn, acid reflux......all go right away.
supergalactic cherry tomato plant competition is heating up. a picture of brad wilsons is posted here with his welded cage (you can climb it.) he is shooting for five thousand.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


crop failure - daikon radishes. just wanted to give you guys the heads up that if you are hankering for a daikon you want to look elsewhere this month. not sure what happened they looked great and then you pulled one and they held their shape until you bit into one and then they turned into kind of a liquod soap in your hand and mouth.....suffering - first planting of beets. yellowing - soybeans.
on the plus side most everything else looks good. predicting a banner year for cucumbers. they say you have to plant cucumbers on the exact day of the moon cycle (first quarter - cancer) or they wilt. this year we got that right - it rained the next day (of course) and they are looking really good. tomorow lots of greens. use soy sauce and a small sprinkle of sesame oil on cooked greens. over rice. must go asian with diet. seriously. lots of peas tomorrow. broccolli also starting. weird lettuce from sweden - dont know the name of it good with rice vinegar, lemon and sugar dressing. possible kohlrabi.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


hi guys
not going to talk about this weather. im seeing bing cherry red over the farm on radar and well just leave it at that. we picked the lettuce and some other greens tonight. tomorrow well pick peas (off the ground?) lots of greens. i made collards for my friend scott who "doesnt like cooked greens" and he had two helpings. i love them. i usually just saute them in olive oil and salt. over rice great over noodles too. add anything else you think might be good in there. very cheap nutritious food.
im sure you guys have noticed that the eggs arent as plentiful the last few weeks. i have been using the "egg mobile" an explanation of it is at the bottom of this site if you havent sen it. it is an incredible idea with the sole problem of predators. the other day i saw a fox eating a chicken and in my same field of vision was our dog taking a nap. would have been a great photo. so i moved the trailer and the next day lost two to a hawk. the countryside is also overpopulated with bird dogs and before csa even started one of them dug a hole under the fence and casualties were very high.
the egg mobile is so great though but perhaps they need a chicken herder to stay with the coop all day. it would be a great job i think for someone that likes to read. and the coop would have to be very big to make it worth hiring someone to watch over it. or maybe train a dog. next year maybe
for now i have moved all the birds back in to the coop and will build "chicken runs" (movie recommended). this am i bought more birds from the chicken lady who lives south of sprague. shes the coolest. eggs should be better next week. probably another six tomorrow. see you then.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

severe thunderstorm watch

dont want more rain but sources close to the story say it may be inevitable. lots of greens tomorrow, possibly preribboned by hail tonight. collard greens are perfect size and taste kind of like apples raw - curly kale and swiss chard. we call kale curly kale only now based on a scene from the movie in america - recommended. big romaines. pick up some anchovies and the rest and do a caesar table side with the eggs.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

csa 5

another big bag of spinach. leaves are really big. eat raw or mix it up by steaming it with a few hard boiled eggs and soy sauce. classic japanese dish. first of the romaines. these are almost full grown. next few weeks lots of romaine lettuce. eggs maybe some radishes some asparagus. big winds this week. tomato damage was luckily minimal. i planted 250 this weekend and am still so worn out i will probably be at csa tomorrow. see you then.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

csa 3 maybe four

hey guys
huge spinach crop coming in tomorrow - gonna be good raw all weekend in salads. is delicious. (better than lambs quarters.) some asparagus....im bummed i havent been to pick up yet - and planting tomatoes tomorrow. i understand louise is taking questions about anything. hey louise, can we open another bottle of wine? great spinach salad dressing is just a grapefruit squeezed over it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

csa week 3

hey everybody
hootenannies are best in pouring rain according to jeff kohout. looks like clear skies friday but i hope everyone comes out anyway to see the gardens, listen to some live music and have a burger or two. bring a side dish - or not. plenty of food and beer for everyone.
if anyone wants to grow one of the "heavenly tomato plant that eats garbage" (scroll for link) i have a few left. (2500 cherry tomatoes guaranteed - up to 5000)
tomorrow - great radishes. spinach and greens, eggs, asparagus is starting to take off but not sure we are going to have enough tomorrow - next week for sure. Things are slow this spring with these nighttime temps. see you friday!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

csa 2

wild mustard greens tomorrow mixed with some overwintered thin skinned spinach. parboil or steam. least palatable most nutritious csa of the year probably. if you lightly boil the mustard greens in a frying pan over rice with soy sauce and you dont like the taste this would be a perfect time to start your compost pile. first radishes. eggs. probably pork products.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

lst csa 08

Keri and I were part of csa last season. We usually took home the box and put it in the garage by the door because we didnt want any bugs in the house. Then we would cherry pick it for a few days and then the whole thing would go in to the compost pile. Any suggestions and count us in this year again.
Phil Glynn

phil - thanks for your letter. first of all congrats on your compost pile. i think the key to csa is eating it immediately or in the next few days. there will be lots of greens this year. Learn to cook rice well or noodles and eat the greens steamed over those for the next three nights. go japanese with your diet. The produce will be extra clean this year because barb is taking over that dept. place in fridge. dont worry about bugs - probably ladybugs which are great to have in your house anyway. learn asian cooking. buy miso (unpasteurized at open harvest. and some soy sauce - i am making both of those this season). tomorrow - first delivery - just eggs and sausage. nights still too cold for plants. lots of spinach coming down the road. "pork sausage" is breakfast sausage and incredible in biscuits and gravy. ground pork is great mixed with burgers..... great in spaghetti. sorry vegans - i willmake it up to you. see everyone tomorrow.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

CSA 2008

hello everyone
before i tell you about this years csa let me apologize about ron paul. that dog dont hunt. he tops the list of winters disappointments followed by by the farm's well and greenhouse collapses. greenhouse is back up and stronger than ever and we are drilling another well this week if it stays dry. ron paul is believed to be counting his money in texas while claiming to be "still in the race."

this winter was long - im also pretty sure its not over but im going to act like it is. going to plant spinach and some other things that can be snowed on this tuesday. there are a few new large new plots at the farm and i will have some part time help this season so im excited about csa 08. the cost is 360.00 for the season - 24 weeks. (payment plans available) i want to get at least thirty clients and so if you know anyone that is interested please tell them to reserve a spot soon. pick up this year is on thursdays 4 - 6. first delivery is mayday. last is oct 8th (if thats a thursday)