"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
- Thomas Jefferson


Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


Grab one of these Saturday!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

last csa

 i planted two rows of sweet potatoes last spring - one in hugelkultur one in a regular garden bed. the ones from the hugelkultur are the size of nerf footballs. probably should publish these results. green tomatoes - set in a bowl or on counter and wait for them to turn red or do whatever they do with green tomatoes. they will turn red eventually. supposedly it is going to be a very snowy winter. lets hope so.  im anxious to see how this mayan calendar thing plays out. if planet niburu manages to miss the earth in late december i look forward to 2013 csa.  in the meantime - consider a no GMO food diet. russia is duplicating the french rat experiment and is going to broadcast the study on tv 24/7 for eight weeks. watching rats develop tumors in real time is probably better than most of the shows on television - im looking forward to it.  thanks for all the fun on thursdays this year.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

CSA 10.4 Good Buddy

Pretty much more of the same today but a lot of it.  Need to pick most of everything before the freeze.  Croquet party starts at 2pm Saturday.  Pot Luck.  We will have some grilled goat and hamburgers.  If you want to bring anything else to throw on the grill, feel welcome to.
Nebraska game will be on TV for those of you that follow such matters.  Ross won't be at CSA as course maintenance is a 24 hr job right now.  Come keep me company! Next week is the last week for CSA and I have told the beets, beans and lettuce that so if they cooperate we should be able to go out with a bang.   See you soon.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


really dont know what to say about the beans. very bizarre. lots of flowers.....and barb says lots of little beans today....so maybe well have them next week. potatoes not washed because they rot faster when theyre wet. wash em up and cut out any green flesh. supposedly toxic but after the french GMO study  who cares? if you didnt see it and have the stomach for it check it out. russia has just suspended GM corn from the US because of it. we made a huge mess out of the farm in the pond/huglekultur project which you can check out next saturday during the croquet tournament. five bucks to enter - winner takes all. lamson - grilled goat  holbert - curry goat. kika - bread. modern monks - beer. kids welcome but must be 14 to enter croquet tourney.  dill is back tomorrow! i like grilled or pan seared peppers.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CSA 9/20/12

Green beans are taking their sweet time but the good news is the edamame is ready!  If you have never had it, I posted some tips on the right on how to prepare it. Ross is out at farm preparing for the largest hugelkultur event in history-or something like that.  If you have time, you should pop out to
the farm this weekend--if only to see him on a bulldozer.  Many thanks in advance to all of you that
are going out to chaperone.  For those of you that are busy this weekend, you will be able to see the finished (or, more likely, somewhat finished) product Oct 6th at our party.  See you tomorrow.  Bring boxes...I am running low.  Barb

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


in case of flash flooding during csa we are going to provide curbside delivery tomorrow. things shaping up nicely for squash starting next week. oppossums and skunks are now digging up in gardens looking for a nightcrawler or a grub. gardens only spot with any moisture at all - until tonight and tomorrow's severe thunderstorms.
two farm events upcoming. of course - the sticky wicket croquet tournament october 6 th. and a week from this saturday (the 22nd) we will be building the largest hugelkultur bed in nebraska - perhaps the midwest. looking for men or women to throw branches and logs into a long trench as i cover them while scraping out a new pond. lunch and treats provided. come be a part of history!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

CSA 9-6

We would like to welcome our newest CSA client into the world.  Cooper Louise Steger.  We hope to meet her very soon and predict she will be the face our our baby food empire. More green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers today and hopefully okra. Chard has a few holes due to bugs chowing it but it tastes just fine.  See you soon.  Barb

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hi Kids-Barb here.  Ross is still out at the farm where he has started Day 3 of not smoking and at least that of not bathing.  I hope that doesn't become Pavlovian to him.  For the first time in the history of our CSA, I can tell you that you get your choice between cucumbers and squash today.  The Mayans may have been on to something.  Green Beans, tomatoes and peppers as well.
See you soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


might cut some more purslane tomorrow.  barb thinks no one ate it. if you didnt this is your second chance. this stuff is from the garden. has been watered - choice.  i see a purslane fried pepper olive oil garlic thing over pasta.  purslane and hemp are the only two plants that havent been affected too badly by the drought. you definitely want to eat purslane.  i found the best way to eat raw kale is with a very intense dressing like a whole lemon....my friend greg has done the nettle tea regiment - one cup 20 minutes before breakfast for thirty days. said it has cured his painful joints and arthritis. i read about a guy that turned his whole farm into a nettle farm.
T minus 11 days for largest hugelkultur project in the country.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CSA Thurs 8/6/12

my friend bill came through town last week and his kids are pictured above... anyway his wife is a raw foodie and so are the kids.
the kids ate all the chard raw for breakfast. they recommended to eat chard raw just wrap it up in rice or glass noodles....... as a tortilla.....hopefully with hot sauce.
we tried it and it was great. couldnt even taste the chard really. if you love the taste of chard then you could chop up chard and stuff chard leaves with chard. raw
greens build blood according to chinese medicine. if your tongue is whitish you need to eat raw greens. big rains coming tonight!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

csa purslane week!!!

we are going to harvest the purslane and truck it in tomorrow. it is the closest thing to seafood in the plant world. is it a weed?..... yes. you probably have some growing in your yard and if you try it you wont have it in your yard for long. a french cultivar. recipes at right or just saute with garlique. 
also mabel put up a beaut over there on cooking eggs.  lots of tomatoes tomorrow many of them super ripe. sauce them or eat them before they collapse. the second generation layers have just started laying their first eggs so eggs should be great for the second half of csa. these chickens are GMO free. i have decided though i am going to use chemicals on zucchini stems from now on. from the first round of zuke plants we are down to 4 (non producing) out of 40 - all vine bored - next round look fair. going to plant round 3 tomorrow - there will be zukes!!!!! THE greatest food of all time. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

csa thurs

gonna add a couple more crystals to the cloud machine tomorrow and we should see some precipitation soon. most everything made it through but with not a lot to show for it - except the tomatoes - and kale of course. barb included a kenyan stew recipe basically throw everything you get tomorrow in a pot with some salt and pepper.
do not throw the T MAC bug spray in!! best mosquito repellant i have ever used without a doubt. please report results of this product back to barb and teri becasue they are thinking of going commercial with it and making 55 gallons at a time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


so this am i am out by the watermelons and the sky gets kind of cloudy and droplets of water started falling from the sky!  it was crazy -  one of the scariest things i have ever experienced. fortunately it only lasted a few seconds.  i googled it when i got home and it is a phenomeneon known as "rain".  do not place tomatoes in refrigerator or they lose all flavor. set on counter and eat at perfect ripeness.
ron paul only was given two nebraska delegates. thats not bad considering his name wasnt on the ballot that delegates could choose. not kidding - had a friend up there.  ron paul was so upset about it i heard he started planning another money bomb.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

summer crops starting to hit. tomatoes look bumper. all eyes on grand island this saturday (except of course the corporate media's) as mitt the rom tries to steal another one from ron paul. it all comes down to nebraska as it would be ron pauls fifth majority delegate win and he would thus be in consideration for the nomination in orlando. look for all the stops. see you tomorrow.  Barb says to return boxes, egg cartons and miso/kimchee containers when you are done with them.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


  I hope everyone had a nice 4th.  More potatoes today, along with beets, kale, cabbage and onions. 
 Unfortunately, no eggs.  The girls have gone on strike in this heat and I can't blame them.  See you soon.  Barb


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

csa thirzday

the kimchee is maybe more on the side of medicine than food in the let your food be your medicine
thing. kimchee is great for stomach problems.  if you cook it is no longer raw enzymes but kimchee pancakes are incred.  i fed a bucket of it to chickens once and it was almost frightening to watch them devour it. tomorrow - all you can carry kale.  eat it, chip it.......barbs birthday today - celebrating that tomorrow with cherry pies.  a la mode?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

csa thirz

first hugelkultur potatoes of the year tomorrow. these are early season potatoes - thin skinned, like rand paul. probably great roasted, confirmed great mashers, key to hashbrowns is to get the water out of them - easily done by slicing, salting and pressing with towel after they sweat.  i want to become a hugelkultur connosseiur where i can tell what type of wood they're grown in.  favorite so far is "old lumber".  these are elm and cottonwood.  kale and potato dish called colcannon is delish and irish.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


csa is cole- slaw- anyone? get weird with it.  barb made a crazy one tonight with beets. the miso is a little different - its a short term - the japanese call it "ofdorko" used mainly in cooking and salad sressings.  legal restraints are prohibiting any pictures posted on this blog of the hugelkultur. someone bought the photographic rights to the whole month of june on all the beds out there. you can get pics by emailing EVirgilFalloon@sleepycreekseedco.com.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Hey kids. This week will be very similar to last week except with the addition of chard. Treat chard like any other green. (saute with garlic/onion). I have also posted a beet/chard fettuccine recipe for your consideration. Eggs will be light this week. We have no idea why. Usually we can blame it on their move to the egg-mobile but they are still in their old residence. Next week you can look forward to cabbage (regular not chinese like last week) so get your coleslaw recipes together!
In other news, Augo (our farm employee and photographer extraordinaire) is back from India. This means new photos on the blog next week.
See you soon!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

csa thursday

sounds like i forgot to issue an aphid alert on last weeks romaines. heard they rinse off. nice rains!
chinese cabbage ideas to the right here. beth chang makes dumplings. i want to get into dumplings some day.  hugelkultur buzz is growing and this is before we attempt the longest hugelkultur bed (continuous) in north america.  ive had reporters from the lincoln journal snifffing around the farm recently and this thing is about to go viral.  korbelik took one look at the potatoes and started texting his editor.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

csa tomorrow

year of the potato launches tomorrow. potatoes are recommended as the first year crop of hugelkultur (mound culture) and so i have planted lots. these potatoes are newbies that came up from last years potato patch that i need to clear out for other things. more cilantro. eat it. it chelates. chelation would seem to be an important part of our diet as the fukushima disashtray points to a future of living with radiation. some people think cilantro tastes like soap - that makes sense - it cleanses. i dont mind the taste of soap but thats because i got used to it growing up - thank you mom . the article on nettles is interesting. read it - and if you want a months supply let me know and i will bring one in for you - both dried roots and stems. seems to be the cure for many ailments. blog needs new photos - hurry home augo!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

csa thurs

hey csaers! tomorrow it is now confirmed: you watched them hatch on the internet cant stop thinking about them since then, yes, the turkeys are in the house tomorrow!!!! the other exciting news is there is more dill coming tomorrow. barb says that the dill is played and yet i was bummed tonight that we didnt have any for a salad dressing. perfect the homemade salad dressing now and in the next few weeks because the lettuce is going off. no dorothy lynch and no f@@#$% wishbone. barb has posted info on a greens cooking class that is being put on by crops. not sure you need a class to say 10 seconds in boiling water but i love it and might go. swan song on radishes tomorrow. go big. heard good things about the roasted/balsamic technique. these might be good candidates for that - some are huge (but not old.)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


If you haven't had time to check out the turkey cam, you should (see right). The brown one with the white spot on its head finally came out at 3:00am. Very long night for the anxious parents. Dad had to take some time off to play cards with the boys so I am doing the blog tonight. Tomorrow will be lettuce, radishes, cilantro, eggs and probably beet greens. See right for some new recipes. If you can't make it tomorrow, please let us know. Remember, the harvest is split between all of you so if you can't make it, your fellow CSA'ers will benefit. See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


a little distracted here with the radar showing a big drench headed toward the farm. tomorrow is big spinach and radishes and not sure what else. definitely dill. i took a bunch of dill and chopped it up and then mixed it with olive oil and garlic - chopped a few hours before using for the allicin effect - and i think i dumped a whole can of anchovies in it (optional) the first night. kept making it all weekend. in short - pesto isnt just for basil anymore. we'll try cilantro soon and then parsley. tomorrow i am serving turkey sandwiches from 6 30 on. got tired of being "winged and taloned" everytime i fed the chickens by the big tom. he did his job though turk eggs are fertile and if you want to watch them hatch that is available on the county extension "eggcam" (seriously) - see link.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CSA # 2

Hey guys-sorry this is late. We haven't been near a computer for a few days. Today expect radishes, spring onions, dill, kale, eggs and your choice of spinach or romaine lettuce. See you soon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

csa 1

tune up your instruments it is go time. some of you may have heard a rumor that your broccolli and cabbages were eaten off by goats that ingeniusly climbed a tree and jumped down into the gardens. that is true. the very good news is that they have grown back and look really good and so i am sparing you the lie that we are waiting for fall on the brocs and cabbages. hard to guage the first csa and tomorrow the radishes may look a little big. more like red turnips. they still have good crunch and flavor. barb included a miso kale soup recipe that didnt say add the miso and stir in right before serving. do not add miso into boiling water or you dont get the live microbes for your gut flora and its chelating effect. learn to love miso you will be getting a lot of it this year. see you tomorrow hopefully in the middle of a large downpour.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CSA 2012

we are starting csa thurs on april 19th. there are no more halves available. who wants a half of a csa anyway? split it with someone. just dont waste it - eat it fresh. eat it friday and saturday and sunday then dont eat the rest of the week. i did a fast recently and i felt so great after the third day of it - cant recommend not eating enough. most food is disgusting anyway. except csa - this year: hugelkultur. read the link its the stuff. then go big bags of rice.
im taking the approach with hugelkultur that if its worth doing its worth overdoing.
reserve your spot today with 100 becasue i need to hire a backhoe to take hugelkultur completely over the top.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

CSA 2012

Happy Spring Everyone! CSA is just around the corner. It will run from April through October (specific dates announced soon but it will run for 26 weeks). Please let us know if you will be joining us by e-mailing me at BBrockley@gmail.com. The cost will be $430 for a full share and $215 for a half share. Pick up will again be at our house on Thursdays. Payment plans available, but we are asking for $100 deposit to secure your spot. Look forward to seeing you all soon.