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Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

lst csa 08

Keri and I were part of csa last season. We usually took home the box and put it in the garage by the door because we didnt want any bugs in the house. Then we would cherry pick it for a few days and then the whole thing would go in to the compost pile. Any suggestions and count us in this year again.
Phil Glynn

phil - thanks for your letter. first of all congrats on your compost pile. i think the key to csa is eating it immediately or in the next few days. there will be lots of greens this year. Learn to cook rice well or noodles and eat the greens steamed over those for the next three nights. go japanese with your diet. The produce will be extra clean this year because barb is taking over that dept. place in fridge. dont worry about bugs - probably ladybugs which are great to have in your house anyway. learn asian cooking. buy miso (unpasteurized at open harvest. and some soy sauce - i am making both of those this season). tomorrow - first delivery - just eggs and sausage. nights still too cold for plants. lots of spinach coming down the road. "pork sausage" is breakfast sausage and incredible in biscuits and gravy. ground pork is great mixed with burgers..... great in spaghetti. sorry vegans - i willmake it up to you. see everyone tomorrow.