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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

last csa 07

hey csaers
tomorrow there are giant sweet potatoes in the box. just french fried some - not mealy. cook any way. dont wash if saving for thanksgiving. lots of stuff tomorrow - honey - not as much as we hoped but four or five oz. honeybees are struggling all over the world. no colony collapses reported on organic farms anywhere. is it cell phone radiation? maybe but either way dont use your cell very often and keep conversations as brief as possible.

five biggest disappointments of csa this year:
1. Eggs - raccoons killed em and discouraged the survivors from laying in the egg mobile. huge bummer. on the plus side 75 australorps (scott lewandowskis favorite bird) arrive this fall and should be laying by spring.
2. cukes - total devastation
3. John Nannos - when he signed up barb bought a big bottle of top shelf vodka bc he likes sea breezes or something. john had his friend pick up every week (delightful and cool kids). john wanted to party with you what happened?
4. eggplants - my bad here. cant even blame a bug or virus.
5. pork - first big pig which would have been csaed - was "bargain butchered" by some drunk that lives by the farm. spoiled in a freezer. on the plus big hogroast on the 27th see link.
hope everyone enjoyed the csa. eat kale this winter. see you tomorrow.


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Uriah Heep said...

What crescenet said.

nrosetulip said...

Trying to get in touch with you...
We knew each other (not biblically) in Lincoln back in the 1992-4 era. I dated Joe Japel for a spell...

Did you write Menace from Midland? Or was that someone else? I have some personal reasons to look closer at chemicals/toxins in our environment.

Get in touch... I'd like to pick your brain.
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