"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
- Thomas Jefferson


Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


Grab one of these Saturday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

last csa 09

hey csaers - its with a heavy heart that i announce the last csa of 09. i want to take this time to give everyone some financial advice because i see a huge "adjustment" in the economy before halloween, jackolantern included. tomorrow am, call your accountant and cash in your IRA. take the money, bet it on the cornhuskers tomorrow to cover the four points at missouri, take the winnings and buy some gold, silver, bronze, bronze futures, property, gin, cigarettes............anything that has value because we are about to be told that the dollar "ain't worth what it used to be"/ dont panic, quietly move your ira into something thats not based on some disneyland type arrangement with our "federal" "reserve" bank. and whatever john elway says, dont give up your guns. John, I just want to say that that is the most embarrassing thing i have ever seen (see link) im 43 years old and that is seriously the most pathetic piece i have ever seen. to date, and its not close, that is the most fuc.....

Hey Guys... Barb here. I just want to thank you all for participating in csa this year. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. I am only sorry that the year of the carrot was such a dud. You will be getting a few carrots tomorrow and it pains me to say that they are the best ones of the year and from the only bed I didn't plant.

Again, thank you for supporting your local farmers....we appreciate it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


csers whats up? this csa is dedicated to hogleg - the nebraska shooter of the year. also gold medalist at the state games. has he shot a buck yet this year? yes (pic above) hogleg is even money to make it to the finals with buyback on saturday. see you there for croquet extravaganza.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

csa fall

dont forget to roast the seeds of butternut squash and pumpkins. two kinds of pumkins coming. both highly prized for cooking. one is a sugar pumpkin that looks like a traditional pumpkin the other is a cheese pumpkin which is just a large round butternut squash. the best thing to make with them i think is pumpkin pie. you always here how much work making a pumpkin pie is - when i hear that i dont bother suggesting they roast the seeds because its way too much work to clean the seeds. principal food crop in most of the world - here we carve an ugly face in the them and throw them away. barb has posted a couple articles on vaccinations. it appears that these are coming down the pike. lots of medical personel refusing them and most people dont trust them. key word squalene i think. new item that tastes like dirt tomorrow: jerusalem artichokes. also called sunchokes. have fun with them. steger calls them jesus fingers.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

CSA Post- From Barb

Ross is in "meetings" for his show on Friday.
New this week: Butternut squash.
Still lots of beans. Picking them is a FT job...I guess I should
just be happy I have one. But, if anyone hears of anything that
might get me out of the bean fields for a while...let me know.
Sometimes you just need a reason to shower. Sorry the eggs will
be low this week...our chickens need to get used to their new digs.
Please bring boxes.... the situation is dire. See you Friday at the
Bourbon...unless you are averse to the laughter.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


hey csaers
greens tomorrow are going to be really good. make them up. no more than thirty seconds in boiling water. the nightclub is almost opened. this nightclub is "goat heated" in the winter - fifty goats will live below it. an old polish tradition. and welsh. the dancefloor is heated by goats. hogleg (pictured) is going to pick up some hours this winter as doorman. great use of whole csa box tomorrow = chile. no wash - cut up and place in pot with chili powder and salt and pepper. eat as ark state whoops huskers. friday is the anniversary of 9 - 11 - I always dress up as osama bin laden for 9 - 11 and just run around town - hide in the gutters and behind bushes. so far so good.

CSA Reminders

Hey Guys-
Just a reminder for those of you on payment plans that there are only 5 more weeks of the
extravaganza known as csa. If you need to know your balance owed, let me know. This is also a reminder to all of you to return your boxes. After the deluge in the garage last week, we are running a bit low. Thanks!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


hey csaers
zucchini are great on the grill. cut em the long way like a steak and grill with olive oil and salt and pepper. medium rare. put A1 on em. giving vegetarianism another thought after seeing food inc last friday. wow - yuck. if eggs are a little off its because we are incubating. plugging my comedy show the 18th of this month friday. three comedians - eight bucks. richard reese is worth the price of admission by himself. a good way to use the green beans is to make the old time favorite three bean salad using just greenbeans. year of the carrot peaks tomorrow. carrots not a specialty at the farm. probably need to add sand to some of the beds. everything likes that really. hope everyone is looking in to this vaccine thing. the makers of the vaccine are saying they arent going to take it. worth reading about. see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

csa thirs

earth shattering can mean a lot of things. i felt it. everyone please recall saturday and where you were when the "event" took place. i felt it as a huge relief. Breathe easier and know only the important stuff is a conspiracy. plan on not taking the government's vaccines - they make the police take them first so if you know a police officer, help him investigate it and organize to say no or no thank you - do not roll up your sleeve.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

csa thurz

a few less tomatoes tomorrow because i left two buckets inside the fence to go check out andys progress running the "super weedwhacker". when i came back the cows were just finishing up both buckets. agena has vision. go check out his backyard. check out mine! I take no credit - my neighbor Matt ran with it "like it was stolen." start making a plan to eliminate your grass lawn - grow anything else other than an homage to english croquet (croquet party now oct 3rd) "earth shattering event this saturday" according to my friends at web bots. be very excited.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

csa mid august

might be a few extra tomatoes tomorrow and definitely a few extra greenbeans. greenbeans freeze well. place n bag, submerge in water - as the water comes close to the top zip it. the water pressure vacuums them. same with tomato sauce. or make a huge spagetti sauce. feeling restless? stressed out? cant sleep? read an article the other day that there is an epidemic of insomnia in the country. whenever i couldnt sleep my dad used to always say that "you always get enough sleep". something about your body always gets what it needs eventually. in the meantime try some of the farms honey in peppermint tea before bed. excercise seems to help everything. or go to a town hall meeting.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


hey csaers
what a storm the other night. 75 mph winds coupled with small hail that was described as a ten minute shotgun blast by one of my neighbors. lots of the corn around the farm was stripped of all its leaves and laid down partway. i think it will still make a crop because it was pretty well along but it would have been a bumper crop. the farm seems to have lucked out on the hail part but the winds took out some tomato plants. ridiculous amount of greenbeans tomorrow. google green bean potato chips where you baked them on a cookie sheet. really good if you get tired of them. pack em in pickle jars use old pickle juice. or just give them away. beans difficult to grow in the city because of the bean beetle. pole beans are better than bush - and planting late can help. great site here about turning your yard (or your neighbors lawn) in to a garden. great stuff.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


beans have been bitten by bean beatles.still very edible. scar from beetle bite adds some texture. should grow out of it next week. lots of tomatoes - gear up. hopefully some peppers. looks like salsa. habaneros available upon request. miso - use it "as you wish"/ it is alive. dont boil it - kills the organisms. if youre not getting enough live food just go eat some dirt.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


a little more rain this week and mid eighties temps. it feels like san diego. beans are starting to trickle in and will soon become tiresome. very tasty though. love em lightly steamed and then cold all week. cukes going off. cant say enough about cuke and onions with rice vinegar but let me try: wow cuke and onions are one of my favorite foods. i dont skin the cukes and add black pepper then eat them all. tomatoes go good in that dish. have you perfected the cooking of the yellow squash? prepared right i think its better than most steak. barb wants everyone to bring back sauerkraut containers (if empty. more kraut coming tomorrow - with carrots) and boxes.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

csa thurs

veteran csaers may not recognize these two words: cucumbers tomorrow. cucumbers are white. picked some peppers that were the results of flowers on when i transplanted. peppers should be good in september. grasshoppers eating only two edibles right now - eggplant leaves and chard. eggplants like it one hundred degrees. so do a lot of things i guess. bees love it. goat population is exploding. i remember learning the shepherds motto before buying goats that said "start small and expand until you are out of control." check - check.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


tomatoes are picked when they show any color other than green. then they ripen on tables in the garage. didnt grow as fun of tomatoes this year. went for huge production and we will see what happens but from the looks of it plan on making a bunch of tomato dishes. they are looking good. grasshoppers are heavy. implementiong the only sure thing against them this weekend - the only thing that works - chickens and turkeys. very excited to announce the return of the eggmobile starting next week - pics to follow. bought some "electrified poulty netting" that keeps out the badgers and foxes. i think i can offset the cost just on the grasshoppers vs feed. eggs should be great on grasshoppers.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


were waiting now on all the summer crops so more of the same but am excited to say that the year of the carrot takes off tomorrow! not way off - just thinnings. jeff kohout pictured above wheres a lot of hats at the farm - he is also an expert on fish farming and is currently designing a legal way to raise black tilapia at the farm. big rains coming tonight and tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

csa thur

lots of stuff tomorrow, lots of it edible. dont miss this one. a client who shall remain nameless tried to shell the peas last week. these are sugarsnaps - natures candy - eat all. someone else suggested sesame oil when you saute greens. you dont need much with sesame oil and you should add it very late. broccolli might have a worm or two in it. soak in salt water for five minutes or so before eating raw. if cooking i wouldnt worry about it. peanut butter is good in everything. peanut butter/soy sauce great with vegetables with noodles. great cold the next day too.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


last year the cabbage moths were so bad that i grew only cabbage from that family out there. tomorrow i am starting to pick the cabbage and when its gone maybe i will have broken the cycle. when they are gone i will plant some brassicas for the fall. in the meantime the chard looks pretty good. hopefully everyone likes it. just lightly steam it and squeeze a lemon over it and tell yourself its good for you. just me tomorrow - barb is going to minneapolis to help her sister move. i will be here by four for sure.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

kimchee csa

kimchee tomorrow. korean adults eat on average one pound of kimchee per day. its in everything, even pancakes. it will keep in the fridge for quite a while. nice rains and temperatures this week. i thought of global warming and how the government who was basing its coming "carbon taxes" on the warming of the earth and then faced with the data that the earth is actually cooling due to changes in the sun, started to call it "climate change." al gore, who has huge interests in the groups that we will soon be paying carbon taxes to, is trying his best to adapt to the new strategy. can you imagine being so well connected you could make billions on the sun cycle?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


good stuff tomorrow. chard and beets make their premiere. i like beets roasted. skin peels easily when they are done. they are very pretty without the skin but i eat it a lot. beets are the best. a lot of people eat the greens. they taste like chard - same family - but not as good. chard is an aquired taste and everyone should acquire one. i like it steamed with lemon. fried with garlic is great too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

csa thurs

hey csaers.
nice rain last night. well take six more just like that. its amazing the difference between rain and hosewater on plants. rain is "biodynamic". biodynamic gardeners stir water in huge barrels before watering their plants to "align it with the universe" or something like that. plants need much less of it supposedly. barb and watched the calf being born yesterday. textbook delivery from favorite cow joan. eggs are mysteriously off this week. looked for secret nests but couldnt find any. had two days of very low numbers but they were back up today so we should be fine. making miso tomorrow night if you come late.

Barb Here

Ross will be writing more later but I wanted to ask all of you to bring egg cartons if
you have any and any plastic bags you don't need. I don't want to put any more of them
in circulation so I am hoping to just use your old ones. Thanks and see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hey csaers
this recipe for optiko cabbage is a favorite around my sister kathleens house. its great. other people eat it raw. beet thinnings in the salad mix tomorrow. should be a small beet on the end - eat all. it is the "year of the carrot" and that also means the year of the beet. learn to like beets. it always rains memorial day weekend and i hope that holds true this year. think rain - make it happen.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

csa thurs

these cool temperatures have been very good to the spinach. leaves are large and still savoy. (i think thats the word for the texture of the leaves.) last of the somewhat misshapen greenhouse lettuce - next week we go outdoors for the lettuce. new stuff next week - more of the same tonight. barb was cleaning the eggs last night and said the shells are thin which means i need to go get some more crushed oyster shells to feed them. still very good for your compost pile. If you dont have a compost pile i highly recommend one. i hear some people say they dont want one because it will attract raccoons - a small price to pay for compost from garbage. forget the tumblers.....just put it right on the ground so worms can enter it.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


the timing is a little off on the romaine lettuce. still a little immature tomorrow but still casesar salad worthy. oneof these weeks the romaine will be full grown. lots of spinach tomorrow. brad wilson likes to cook the spinach and add some vinegar. (hes from thedford.) csa recommendation is raw with a rice wine vinegar with garlic and sugar. popeye cooked it though. later greens - chard and kale are great steamed with lemon so buy big bags of rice.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

csa thurs

squeezing a half grapefruit with or without sugar on it over greens is tasty if no time to make a salad dressing. best to make a big batch of dressing and keep it in a jar. Hardboiling fresh eggs is best to just crack the egg in boiling water - fresh eggs are hard to peel. if you are making deviled eggs keep in the refrigerator for a few weeks. barb wants to remind everyone to save egg cartons. see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CSA week 1

lets light this rocket! CSA O9 lifts off with eggs, young romaines and a bag of greens. best csa results are obtained if you eat all greens raw as soon as possible. lots of greens coming this spring and summer. raw with vinegar + sugar or lightly steamed with garlic and lemon.....soy sauce..... over noodles or rice - buy fifty pound bags at the asian groceries. or way better the bulk whole brown rice at open harvest.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

CSA 09

hey everyone. next thursday is the kickoff for csa 09. Pickups this year are out of our garage - we have eight spots left and so if you are in please let us know by monday, payment plans available - cancel anytime. refunds forthcoming if we get shut down as i've learned there is legislation before congress that would effectively criminalize organic farming. the bill HR 825 or is it 875? - was introduced by a congresswoman whos married to a guy with close ties to monsantos legal department. its beyond ridiculous. watched a great documentary under an hour of how cuba basically started organic gardening everwhere. its here - http://www.powerofcommunity.org/cm/index.php

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

csa preseason

hello all
this is a spring fever email to you guys. csa this year is big. more gardens, including a large squash and melon patch and an employee or two should make this year cant miss. We raised the price but added a week and we are adding more products as well. big emphasis on greens of all kinds early. barb wants to make this the year of the carrot.