"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
- Thomas Jefferson


Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


Grab one of these Saturday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


squash and bean update: i am predicting massive beans next week. did i say that last week? squash is being attacked from the ground by these little black bugs that move in to the roots. plants look incredible and but dont make much if any fruit, then collapse. probably the soil is too rich. melons tomorrow again. i found out the reason the watermelons had no flavor is because youre not supposed to water them a few days before you pick them. all the sugar goes back in to the leaves. tomorrows are better. eggs creeping back tomorrow - cant miss. see you then

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bug Spray

Hey Guys...Barb here. The bug spray consists of white yarrow extract, tea tree oil, citronella oil and alcohol. Shake well before using. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


squash and beans drop blossoms in high heat and there arent many tomorrow but they are taking back off and the temps look great for the next week. butternut squash and its seed are delish with soy sauce. seeds extremely nutritious - clean and bake on greased cookie sheet. squash keeps so dont worry about it. eat it anytime between now and xmas. many more coming. peppers less hot without seeds. heard the watermelon was flavorless. that sucks. hope somebody got a good one. ron paul won easily the alabama and illinois straw polls this week. lamestream media is having an increasingly difficult time lying about him or ignoring him. link at left. i am warming up for my friend louie ck at the rococco on sept 8th - saturday - doors open at 7 - tickets (ouch) - 32.00. see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

csa wednes

today I was reminded that it doesnt stop til the casket drops. Lloyds sick. Hell be alright. I think he is just sick of the weather. So is every plant across the board except maybe the beans and the tomatoes. Im gonna buy him a baby pool tomorrow and fill it with
ice water. Tomatoes dont last as long on the counter in this weather. They have been blowing up on our table all weekend - still quite a few. Okra is starting to go. Oh yeah okra loves this weather. Some people bread it and fry it. I just fry it. crispy. probably not much nutrition in it after frying it up like that but who gives a shit? I dont. Do I care that wilson is a father? of course not. want to slowroast that male in a few weeks though. If al gore was at the farm he would write a sequel to his inconvenient truth thing. Another academy award would be a given. the global warming thing is a total scam and i want to say that before they make it illegal not to believe in it. total joke after five minutes on the internet. Mars is warming too. no eggplants for at least a week. cukes another huge disappointment this year. i spend more time on cukes than anything else. we should have buckets full. i try to plant them in the shade. half day sun. not enough for cukes. i chainsawed a couple trees down but i think it was too late. second planting is starting to look not so good. thats just a heads up if you had your heart set on a big bowl of cuke and onions. gonna plant fall greens this weekend though. if you come after 6 tomorrow you just pick up a box. my aunt and i are having valentinos pizza.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

csa mexicana

Hola amigos! como esta?
Tomorrow is c.s.fiest.a. or something like that. lots of tomatoes and peppers which could mean a big salsa. make a bunch and just keep it in a jar in the fridge with a lid. birds favorite tomatoes are the yellow apricots for what its worth. Mine and the turtles are brandywine. You can freeze tomatoes whole if you are feeling too lazy to freeze or jar a sauce. a neighbor just called and told me the goats jumped the fence and "did a number on his garden." Hopefully they didnt eat his carnations I cant replace those. Eggplants are struggled this week and sources close to the story say they missed a watering last week. Dont get sick of greenbeans yet because there is plenty more to come. If tired of them try baking them on a greased cookie sheet until they are like a potato chip (15 minutes at 350 or around there) i say boil them and eat them in a sald the next day. Or put in your sauce or salsa. Hasta manana!