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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

CSA Week 3

Hey guys - low on eggs tomorrow - the big pig broke out of its fence and walked in to the chicken house this week and ate them all - twice. I will make that up to you guys in spades with sausage and polish dogs in a few weeks. big salad tomorrow. One of the types of mustard is pretty spicy but - not as spicy as the mustard from the first delivery but that was wild mustard, a weed. This stuff is in the salad mix and is great though pretty hot. The arugula and the radishes both seemed too hot - the pigs didnt even eat them- but more coming. We lost some spinach in the big rains but the romaines are looking great. Heres a basic salad dressing: rice vinegar - garlic - a little ice water - sugar (tablespoon for big salad) and salt and pepper. I also add a Tb of miso (red river, unpasteurized from Open Harvest) More on miso later and it is currently fermenting and you will get a jar later) Miso is very good for you - it pulls heavy metals out of the body. Has to be unpasteurized and when you make soup the water cant be boiling or it kills all the microstuff. Great to cook with in almost anything, a spoonful added late. see you tomorrow.
PS Farm hootenanny - I think it is posted here is Friday June 1st - at five thirty - this is a potluck and I am grilling some baby pigs. (and veggies) The Junkyard Dogs will be playing bluegrass music. There is even talk now of an opening band.

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Anonymous said...

sausage and polish dogs...from the same pig that broke into the chicken house?