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Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

csa V

we are counting down the last five csas. this is number five - im going to make some pies. barb is saying the first fifteen people here get eggs. i think i bought a bunch of spent hens in auburn last year. on the bright side lots of hens about to begin laying any day. big rains tomorrow? love it - i can take another day working on the croquet course. barb has begun stoking the tournament with yet another picture of hud - this years baby goats - should have knocked her up a long time ago. oct 9th saturday. pizza and beer party / bring only five bucks for croquet tourney all afternoon and evening.

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Katie said...

oh man i wish i could be there! i think we're having a harvest-party bonfire at this organic farm. only i'm told i have to serve the beer instead of getting to drink it! :( :( :(