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Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

regular season final csa

may not see you guys for last reg season csa as i am putting finishing touches on the croquet course and am hoping to see you all saturday. we have the game on and pork and beans. thanks for all the fun this year.

top 5 disappointments of the 2016 csa:

     the first time the pump came on at least half of the fish flushed in to the beds - about a week later a big frog jumped in the tank and ate the rest of them.  the next batch did a little better and the plants started to grow with some of the kales reaching about 6 inches and then the turkeys broke in to the greenhouse and ate everything. just gave the fish to my friend bill to overwinter and will try again next year.

    broke thru a screen door and killed a woofers rabbit on day 2 of his stay at the farm. pretty much  barked all night at who knows what all summer and this weekend received a lifetime ban from one of the neighbors property.

   vanished or went sideways.

2  ME
    it was close between me and the g hops for number one. i gave it to the g hops because they just  chowed everything. my problem was too much focus on new gardens and "big picture".

    disappointed is the wrong word.  for the brandywine tomatoes there are no words.  i thought i could handle them with chickens, turkeys......and the astralorp chickens dont hunt. they should be on this list. worst g hop hunters ive ever seen in a poultry breed. i am scheming my plan for next season and right now it includes  200 chickens in an eggmobile that is more mobile - just drop in and shock and awe for a day or two and keep moving becasue if this winter is mild again i see the sky going dark. guinea hens are the best grasshopperers but they dont shut up all day and i dont think i could take it with the mabel thing all night.

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