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Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

last csa

this is a potluck if you can swing it. six oclock. pickup still starts at four for those that cant. i am sorry that the new chickens havent started laying yet. eggs were not very good this year. im defintely going to get many more chickens for next year. thanks to everyone for participating in csa. hope to see everyone in och och eleven. if you need help in putting a garden in your yard or if you need firewood this winter let me know. I am announcing my candidacy for governor at the zoo bar this monday at seven pm. (free to public). see you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ross,

I'm a casting agent located in Toronto and have a client that is interesting in getting a quote for voice work. Have tried contacting you through SAG but it's a wrong number.

Can you write back?