"If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
- Thomas Jefferson


Liefsbeth picking tomatoes


Grab one of these Saturday!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

csa thursday

hey guys
tomorrow more peas, kohlrabi, brocolli and greens, eggs. collards are of course the green made famous in the south. It can grow all summer. ive found the leaves get tougher and a little paler as the summer goes on but still very tasty. kale and chard do well in the heat as well. anyway eat your greens.
one of the things i am doing to treat the cabbage moth (and worm) is to spray the plants with diluted molasses. its a win win because the moths dont like it and molasses has lots of good stuff in it for the plants - they seem to love it. gonna spray it on everything. molasses is also very good for you - it lowers the ph of your blood. almost everyone is acidic. molasses - blackstrap unsulphured from open harvest bulk section is extremely cheap and great for you - one tablespoon a day. heartburn, acid reflux......all go right away.
supergalactic cherry tomato plant competition is heating up. a picture of brad wilsons is posted here with his welded cage (you can climb it.) he is shooting for five thousand.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


crop failure - daikon radishes. just wanted to give you guys the heads up that if you are hankering for a daikon you want to look elsewhere this month. not sure what happened they looked great and then you pulled one and they held their shape until you bit into one and then they turned into kind of a liquod soap in your hand and mouth.....suffering - first planting of beets. yellowing - soybeans.
on the plus side most everything else looks good. predicting a banner year for cucumbers. they say you have to plant cucumbers on the exact day of the moon cycle (first quarter - cancer) or they wilt. this year we got that right - it rained the next day (of course) and they are looking really good. tomorow lots of greens. use soy sauce and a small sprinkle of sesame oil on cooked greens. over rice. must go asian with diet. seriously. lots of peas tomorrow. broccolli also starting. weird lettuce from sweden - dont know the name of it good with rice vinegar, lemon and sugar dressing. possible kohlrabi.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


hi guys
not going to talk about this weather. im seeing bing cherry red over the farm on radar and well just leave it at that. we picked the lettuce and some other greens tonight. tomorrow well pick peas (off the ground?) lots of greens. i made collards for my friend scott who "doesnt like cooked greens" and he had two helpings. i love them. i usually just saute them in olive oil and salt. over rice great over noodles too. add anything else you think might be good in there. very cheap nutritious food.
im sure you guys have noticed that the eggs arent as plentiful the last few weeks. i have been using the "egg mobile" an explanation of it is at the bottom of this site if you havent sen it. it is an incredible idea with the sole problem of predators. the other day i saw a fox eating a chicken and in my same field of vision was our dog taking a nap. would have been a great photo. so i moved the trailer and the next day lost two to a hawk. the countryside is also overpopulated with bird dogs and before csa even started one of them dug a hole under the fence and casualties were very high.
the egg mobile is so great though but perhaps they need a chicken herder to stay with the coop all day. it would be a great job i think for someone that likes to read. and the coop would have to be very big to make it worth hiring someone to watch over it. or maybe train a dog. next year maybe
for now i have moved all the birds back in to the coop and will build "chicken runs" (movie recommended). this am i bought more birds from the chicken lady who lives south of sprague. shes the coolest. eggs should be better next week. probably another six tomorrow. see you then.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

severe thunderstorm watch

dont want more rain but sources close to the story say it may be inevitable. lots of greens tomorrow, possibly preribboned by hail tonight. collard greens are perfect size and taste kind of like apples raw - curly kale and swiss chard. we call kale curly kale only now based on a scene from the movie in america - recommended. big romaines. pick up some anchovies and the rest and do a caesar table side with the eggs.